Friday, April 3, 2020

Review of "Arctic Splashdown," episode 2 of the original Jonny Quest series

Review of

Arctic Splashdown, episode 2 of the original Jonny Quest series

Five out of five stars

Hadji appears with no preamble

 The most memorable aspect of this episode is that it is the first one that features the east Indian boy Hadji. There is no explanation of his presence, he just appears in the opening with his name as a subtitle. Since he is such an integral part of the team and a close companion to Jonny, some mention of how he joined the group would have been helpful.

 The premise is that a missile has crash-landed in the ice of the Arctic Ocean. It contains critical technical components and there is a submarine of a hostile foreign power that is trying to acquire them. Dr. Benton Quest and his team are sent to the crash site in order to grab the components or at least prevent them from being taken by hostiles.

 The cool gadget of this episode is an extremely fast snow sled and both Jonny and Hadji know how to drive it. This is once again a demonstration that the boys are an integral part of the team, generally treated as equals by Benton Quest and Race Bannon.

 While the action is a bit predictable and the opposition forces are stereotyped, this is an exciting episode with an explosive climax followed by some fun.

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