Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Review of "Captain America: Civil War," DVD

Review of

Captain America: Civil War, DVD

Five out of five stars

Super friends battle over principle

 When superheroes battle their evil counterparts, there is almost always major collateral damage. It is a rare occasion when they meet in a remote area such as the Sahara Desert. These battles also often include the deaths or serious injury of innocent bystanders. Concerned about this, governments around the world have banded together under the United Nations banner to write a series of regulations governing the superhero group the Avengers.

 Captain America (Steve Rogers) is opposed to signing the new law while Iron Man (Tony Stark) is strongly in favor. This creates a major rift in the Avengers with the others being forced to take sides. At first the conflict is verbal only, but there is an incident where it breaks out into open conflict. Hence the term “Civil War.” It is superhero against superhero in a battel that shatters unity and leads to hostility and serious injury. Tony Stark is torn when he visits the penal facility where some of the Avengers are being held under special and very restrictive controls.

 The action is intense with a great deal of hand-to-hand fighting. It would seem unlikely that Captain American would stand a chance against the armored Iron Man, but he holds his own. Punches and other items are thrown, bodies fly and there is some literal blood drawn. The dialog is also very good, while there are a few instances where a clich√© is dropped, they are very rare.

 Two high points of the dialog were very amusing. When Tony Stark is trying to convince Peter Parker (Spider-Man) to leave town and aid him in his task of rounding up the renegade Avengers his response is, “I can’t, I have homework.” The second is the cameo by legend Stan Lee. He plays a deliveryman with a package for “Tony Stank.”

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