Wednesday, April 22, 2020

Review of "Buchanan Says No," by Jonas Ward

Review of

Buchanan Says No, by Jonas Ward

Five out of five stars

Tough man to right a rough town

 This story opens with Buchanan a trail hand on a cattle drive with very questionable origins. The men on the drive are all gun hands and the cattle are of dubious origin. He has what can be considered a friend in Mike Sandoe and they have arrived at their destination. They expected a paymaster to arrive at their location, but the man is late. Annoyed and with his ever-present desire to move on, Buchanan decides to leave the camp and head into Bella, the town where the paymaster is located. Sandoe goes with him.

 It is a town mostly owned by a man named Frank Power, at least the good parts. There is a local sheriff, but he is largely owned by Power. Not one to take kindly to being told what to do and being denied their rightful pay, Buchanan and Sandoe quickly run afoul of the powers of the city and end up in jail after getting beat up on.

 The story is fairly typical of the Buchanan series, all he wants is what he is due, but circumstances force him to intervene in what he does not believe to be his fight. There is plenty of action and a lengthy buildup to what is the climactic showdown that Buchanan would rather not have. Through it all, he has his choice of women, but in true Buchanan style, he declines with politeness. It is a great, light western story that you will enjoy.

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