Monday, April 13, 2020

Review of "Pro Football ’81," Bear Kirow

Review of

Pro Football ’81, Bear Kirow

Four out of five stars

 This recap of the 1980-81 pro football season is a look back at a time of transition in the NFL. First and foremost, it was rapidly becoming the most popular professional sport and the Super Bowl was on target to be the major spectacle that it is now. Secondly, the once powerful Pittsburgh Steeler teams of the seventies were a thing of the past.

 The book opens with brief profiles of ten players considered stars at the time. Six are quarterbacks, three are running backs and one is a defensive lineman. The remainder consists of recaps of the major playoff games and the conference leaders in the main offensive and defensive categories.

 This is a book that is nice to look at in retrospect. All of the players are now agents of history, yet they all did a great deal to make the game the entertainment powerhouse that it is now.

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