Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Review of "Iron Man Hulk Heroes United," Animated DVD

Review of

Iron Man Hulk Heroes United, Animated DVD 

Four out of five stars

Too much growling, arguing and smashing

 While the original Hulk was a simple-minded beast with very few tracks in his mind, the Hulk of this story is brighter. Of course, the human in the armored suit is the genius Tony Stark. Therefore, you would think that the level of logic in their minds would be high enough that they could work together as a team in order to fight an extremely deadly foe.

 However, the producers of this video made the choice to go the route of having them bash each other verbally and physically almost as much as they fight their common foe. Their opponent is a being composed of electrical energy and is very formidable. Yet, even when they manage to barely survive an onslaught, they always have to deliver a jab to the other.

 The animation level is very good and some of the dialog very well written. There is also a lot of growling and attempts at comedy that simply misses the mark. Other adversaries are introduced that simply are not needed, given that there is one capable of taking over all of the Stark cyber properties.  

 I enjoyed this video but would have preferred fewer instances of “Hulk smash!”

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