Thursday, March 18, 2021

Review of "We Stand On Guard #1," comic written by Brian K. Vaughan

 Review of

We Stand On Guard #1, comic written by Brian K. Vaughan

Five out of five stars

Great opening to a brutal adventure

It is the year 2112 and the story opens with a drone strike against the White House in Washington, D. C. In response, the United States launches a massive drone strike against Canada, followed by an invasion and military occupation. There is a family of four staying in a high rise apartment or condo in Ottawa when the strike takes place. The mother and father are killed, and in his last breath the father tells preteen boy Tommy to look after his baby sister.

 The action jumps forward to 2124 near Yellowknife in the Northwest Territories and it is winter. A solitary woman is hunting a caribou with a crossbow. A mechanical American war machine accosts her and demands her identity card. Angered, she fires her crossbow, which of course does no damage. The reaction is to unleash the equivalent of a mechanical dog to kill her.

 Right before the dog kills her, it is destroyed by a small group of Canadian freedom fighters. The fighters are skeptical about her and are doing a recon when a massive American war machine much like the Imperial walkers of Star Wars arrives. The freedom fighters prove to be very capable, and the stage is set for furtherance of what is the classic battle between a mighty occupying power and a small band of effective guerrilla fighters.

 This story is in many ways a look to the future of warfare, where few humans are on the actual battlefield and the death and destruction is carried out by automated drones. Which may or may not be under direct human control. The only reason given for the American attack of Canada is that the U. S. needed their water. Which hints of significant drought due to climate change. It is a great story, and the reader is left with a desire to read subsequent issues.

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