Thursday, March 11, 2021

Review of "Superman in Action Comics 32 Bloodsport," DC comics

 Review of

Superman in Action Comics 32 Bloodsport, DC comics

Four out of five stars

A more realistic and brutal Superman tale

 This story is a demonstration of how far in terms of content the former mainstream comics have gone since the downfall of the comics code authority. A white clad man packing extremely powerful weapons with an agenda that all non-whites are to be exterminated is rampaging through Metropolis. He calls himself Bloodsport and his weapons are powerful enough to challenge and perhaps even defeat Superman. He considers whites that aid the “coloreds” to be “race traitors.”

 Bloodsport also is able to teleport new weapons into his hands when those he has are exhausted. Therefore, there are no real reloading interludes in this fight. With the help of a very brave man, Superman is given the opening he needs to take Bloodsport down.

 Published in 1994, this comic is a brutal rendition of the extremes of white supremacy and depicts violence at a level that was unheard of in the era of the comics code authority.

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