Monday, March 29, 2021

Review of "Magnus Robot Fighter Issue one"

 Review of

Magnus Robot Fighter Issue one

Three out of five stars

Hard to suspend disbelief with this character

I was an avid reader of comics in my youth, devouring all that featured superheroes. However, one that I found uninteresting was Magnus, Robot Fighter. The context premise is a very good one, robots have become ubiquitous, and humanity has gone dependent and soft. The robots are literally running the world and there are many detrimental consequences.

 Magnus has been raised from a toddler to be a superb fighter, capable of fighting and destroying robots by hand. His parent/mentor/tutor is itself a robot, one that believes that humans need a champion to fight the robot takeover. The problem that I have is that when humans are far outnumbered by robots, fighting them in a hand-to-hand manner cannot lead to anything other than a temporary, local victory. Destroying an entire army of mechanical foes using only your hands always seemed ludicrous to me.

 This comic contains the first issue of a reboot of the Magnus character as well as the original Magnus story. The reboot does nothing to eliminate my skepticism regarding the character. Magnus is still karate chopping robot foes into scrap metal with no real plan to tackle the real issue, human dependence on robots. The reality is that one man cannot change a society by punching out robots.

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