Monday, March 1, 2021

Review of "Spider-Girl #21," Marvel Comic

 Review of

Spider-Girl #21, Marvel Comic

Four out of five stars

The next generation takes responsibility

 The premise of the Spider-Girl series is that May “Mayday” Parker, the daughter of Peter Parker, the original Spider-Man, has inherited his powers. She is still a superhero in training, and that program is being assisted by Phil Urich, the Golden Goblin. When her training session is over, she goes home and discusses things with her parents. May is also going to school and a major dance is coming up and there are questions as to who she is going with.

 While this is happening, a new super-villain appears on the scene. He calls himself Earthshaker and his goal is not to commit crimes, but to draw out the heroes so that he can defeat them in a fight. He is a powerful man and the Golden Goblin and Nighthawk join forces with Spider-girl to take him down.

 An amusing aspect of Earthshaker is that he wants to defeat the heroes so that he will be able to sign a massive contract to be a professional wrestler. Things work out in the end regarding keeping the streets safe, but there is still the issue of the pairing of partners for the dance.

 Written to appeal to teenage girls, this is a comic that demonstrates a major change in the comic world. Female heroes with problems different than those of their predecessors. For example, May is able to confide in her father Peter, when he could not ever let his Aunt May know about his exploits as Spider-Man.

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