Thursday, March 25, 2021

Review of "The Adventures of Superman 6, The Longest Night, Part One"

 Review of

The Adventures of Superman 6, The Longest Night, Part One

Five out of five stars

 The world has the usual complement of superheroes when a race that calls themselves “Malazza-Rem” arrived on a mission of conquest. Humans quickly began referring to them as “The Horde” and they were completely ruthless. The leader of the Horde broadcast a statement that 1,000 humans would be killed each time a hero was sighted and 5,000 more if that hero tried to fight back. There was a ferocious battle with over seven million humans killed in Coast City.

 With this level of slaughter as a threat, the humans turned against the heroes, killing some and driving others into hiding. The military forces of the human governments assisted in the roundup and execution of the heroes. Humanity is at its’ lowest point with the few remaining heroes in hiding after the last significant human resistance fighters were defeated.

 Jimmy Olsen is huddled around a fire talking to others about continuing resistance when he is accosted by a member of the Horde army and he avoids death when Councillor Lana Lang intervenes. She is acting as an agent for the Horde, trusted by them, she gives help to the humans when she can.

 After Jimmy and Lana visit Superman in a prison where he is hiding as a regular human, he is convinced to get back into the fight. It is not long before additional heroes show up and there is the beginning of a powerful resistance to the Horde. When Lex Luthor as Metallo joins the resistance, there are seven heroes ready to take on the Horde.

 This is an excellent story, based on the most likely premise of alien contact, occupation and exploitation. With their superior technology, if they are ruthless enough to wipe out millions of humans in a single city, humans likely would decide to turn on the heroes in order to survive the occupation. It ends on an optimistic note as there may once again be hope that the oppression can be overthrown.

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