Thursday, March 4, 2021

Review of "The New Warriors 25," Marvel Comics Group

 Review of

The New Warriors 25, Marvel Comics Group

Five out of five stars

What price victory and penance?

 The groups of superheroes known as The New Warriors and the group known as The Folding Circle are joined in battle against Tai, a woman of great power. Capable of defeating all of those heroes even when they are all arrayed against her, if she is allowed to attack them one at a time, they have no chance.

 When Tai wins the first round, those that could flee regroup and formulate a plan of action. One of them openly states that the only way to win will be to fight at full power and let things unfold the way they do. If that leads to the destruction of Tai, then it was the only way she could have been defeated.

 A simultaneous plot track is the jury trial of Vance Astrovik, also known as Marvel Boy. His father was extremely abusive, injuring Vance, he eventually used his powers in a manner that led to his father’s death. He is on trial for murder.

 At the end, Vance must face a dual penance, that decreed by the criminal justice system as well as what he imposes on himself. The battle with Tai is ended, at that point the superheroes that defeated her must face the unintended, but necessary consequences of their action. They won but lost more than they were willing to lose.

 This story is a revisitation of the premise that people with superpowers that fight on the side of good sometimes must take actions that are necessary, but dangerous. While those on the other side are largely devoid of such considerations. It is a good story, with a track of moral ambiguity regarding the great responsibility that comes with great power.

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