Tuesday, March 2, 2021

Review of "The Story of Ben Franklin," by Eve Merriam

 Review of

The Story of Ben Franklin, by Eve Merriam

Five out of five stars

What an amazing man!

 This is one of those delightful books published by Scholastic Book Services that I read when I was in elementary school that still holds my interest. That is of course due to the subject matter, the life of what may have been the greatest American of all time, Benjamin Franklin.

 As is stated in this book, his accomplishments were wide-ranging and significant. He was one of the best American writers of the eighteenth century, his inventions and scientific discoveries are still used all over the world and continue to save and improve lives, he was a first-rate diplomat and administrator, and he invented the public library, public police force and the public fire department. There is no doubt that he is one of the most accomplished people of all time. No one ever had a more active mind than Ben Franklin.

 Written at the level of the child in the middle of their elementary school experience, the author does an excellent job in explaining the life and times of Benjamin Franklin, a man that did more in several individual fields than most people do in their life.

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