Saturday, March 13, 2021

Review of "Classics Illustrated Clumsy Hans," comic story by Hans Christian Andersen

 Review of

Classics Illustrated Clumsy Hans, comic story by Hans Christian Andersen

Five out of five stars

Classic fairy tale meme of the unlikely winning the prize

 This story by Hans Christian Andersen was originally called, “Blockhead Hans” and repeats the often used idea that the apparently lesser light emerges victorious in a competition for a valuable prize. In this case, the prize is the hand of the princess. Hans is the third son and an intellectual third fiddle to his highly educated two older brothers.

The princess has publicly stated that she will marry the man that chooses his words best, so the two older brothers study hard, memorizing words and phrases. When it comes time to go before the princess, the two older brothers don the finest of clothing and ride the most attractive of horses. The third brother is left to wear what he has and to ride a goat to the palace.

 When the time comes for each of the older brothers to go before the princess, both of them get tongue-tied and fail. However, being simpler of mind, Hans gives what appear to be quippy answers and the princess is impressed. So much so that she accepts Hans as a suitor and he becomes king, ruling for a long time.

 This story is designed to give the less fortunate in life the belief that they too may have a chance at the big prize and the associated success. Tales of accidental rather than planned and programmed success have an appeal to all, even those that cannot plan and program.

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