Sunday, March 21, 2021

Review of "The All-New Wonder Woman 602"

 Review of

The All-New Wonder Woman 602

Four out of five stars

Amazons versus a human army unit

 This story opens with a male military force engaged in a siege against a small group of Amazons holed up in a temple. There appears no way out for the Amazons until Wonder Woman shows up and breaks through the military lines and enters the temple. After consultation with her fellow Amazons and a mysterious deity, Wonder Woman decides to distract the soldiers with a rear guard action while the other Amazons sneak out the back way.

 Using Greek fire (the original flame thrower) as an ally, she is able to keep the soldiers on the defensive until her compatriots are free and safe. It is a brutal battle with no quarter even considered, much less executed. This is a far different story from the traditional Wonder Woman stories in that she is very much a vicious Amazon warrior that will wipe out her enemies with nary a second thought.

 The story was a little too brutal for me, it came down to nearly senseless death and destruction rather than any nuanced interaction between the Amazons and male soldiers.

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