Thursday, March 11, 2021

Review of "The Tick Omnibus Volume 2, Sixth Edition" graphic novel

 Review of

The Tick Omnibus Volume 2, Sixth Edition graphic novel

Five out of five stars

Wacky characters and even whackier dialog

 The main character is seven foot tall, packed with muscles, has a jut jaw, wears a blue body costume, defeats criminals and yells “Spoon!” when he does so. This story also features the almost necessary sidekick called Arthur that also wears a costume and has what looks like bunny ears.

 What really distinguishes this graphic novel is the incredibly wacky dialog with puns galore and references to the superheroes in comics. For example, when a scientist questions the origins of a rock that Arthur claims is a meteor, the scientist says to Arthur: “. . . You’re playing let’s pretend with a seven foot tall idiot in his long johns.” The scientist then turns to the Tick and says, “No offense intended.” The Tick’s reply is,” None comprehended.” Very funny and typical of the content.

 A parody of just about every male superhero in the genre, the Tick is as the name applies, an amusing annoyance that sucks value from others.  

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