Tuesday, July 31, 2018

Review of "Chaos War," by Greg Pak et. al.

Review of
Chaos War, by Greg Pak et. al. ISBN 9780785151319

Five out of five stars
 Given that the two characters on the front cover are Hercules and Thor, it is fitting that a great deal of Greek and Norse mythology is expressed in the story. Specifically, the lineage of the various Greek gods, including that of Heracles in Greek. The son of Zeus and the mortal Alcmene, that is a fact that is important in this story. The other heroes believed Hercules to be dead, but he comes back with more power than before and with a dire warning. The Chaos King is coming, and he is so powerful that only a consortium of the most powerful superheroes has a chance against him. Given that the goal of the Chaos King is the destruction of reality itself, the stakes cannot be higher.
 The battle is joined with many gods involved, yet the outcome of the battle is dependent on the actions and skills of a rather nondescript young male human that shows no outward indication of having superpowers. The story is a good one with a lot of intense action very well depicted by the artwork. One humorous aspect is the textual sound effects, a point raised in an interview with the creative team that developed the story.

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