Sunday, July 22, 2018

Review of "DC Universe Rebirth Batgirl Volume 2: Son of Penguin," by Hope Larson et. al.

Review of
DC Universe Rebirth Batgirl Volume 2: Son of Penguin, by Hope Larson et. al. ISBN 9781401274245

Five out of five stars
This is definitely a reboot of the Batgirl character to a completely different path. There is deep sisterhood, characters that are lesbians, dating problems and a dialog between Batgirl and Supergirl that is more that of a teen girl-to-teen girl conversation than one between two female superheroes planning a dangerous mission.
 The events and challenges that Batgirl faces in these adventures are those that teenage girls will relate to. She even dates the son of the Penguin, although the elder refuses to treat him as a son. At least until that son attempts a coup and tries to take over the Cobblepot crime empire. Characters in the stories are often depicted as leaning over their laptops and interacting with their smart phones. More features that the modern girl can relate to. These stories were very interesting to read and contrast with earlier Batgirl episodes, even for an older male reader.

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