Monday, July 23, 2018

Review of "DC Universe Rebirth Supergirl Vol. 3 Girl of No Tomorrow"

Review of
DC Universe Rebirth Supergirl Vol. 3 Girl of No Tomorrow ISBN 9781401278243

Five out of five stars
 In reading this reboot of the Supergirl character, it is clear that the people at DC have learned a lot from the Marvel days of Stan Lee. Supergirl is still extremely powerful, but she is now vulnerable with problems and faults, something that Stan Lee designed to perfection with his Marvel characters, specifically Spider-Man.
 Supergirl is now a young woman that female readers can relate to. She expresses self-doubts, she has male parent difficulties and her “civilian” clothing is very stylish. With all of this going on, she still finds time to battle the evil ones that threaten to take over and destroy her city.
 Another interesting feature of this story is that the Lex Luthor equivalent is a strong, ruthless female executive that gets things done using tactics that would make Lex proud and envious. Luthor was always the best antagonist for Superman, a mortal that was always on the verge of defeating Superman. There are other protagonists, one of which is female and utters the line that only a woman could utter when describing her surroundings, “It’s so beige.”
 This is a character reboot that even older males such as me with a long history of reading comic books will find entertaining.

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