Sunday, July 22, 2018

Review of "Pro Football Heroes," by Steve Gelman

Review of
Pro Football Heroes, by Steve Gelman 

Five out of five stars
 This book is written at the precise level for the sports fan in middle school. Published in 1968, it features some of the stars of that era, but it also features two of the football players that helped transform the NFL from a niche to a national sport. Those two men were Jim Thorpe and Harold “Red” Grange. They were so popular that when their teams were playing, the attendance numbers soared, giving their teams national attention.
 Other historical players that starred before the time of publication also helped transform the sport. For example, Sammy Baugh did a great deal to make the long forward pass an integral part of NFL offenses. He also demonstrated how effective a weapon the punt could be.
 Offensive, defensive and two-way players are featured in what is more a brief description of NFL history than an explanation of the modern game circa 1968. It is interesting to read about some of the greatest players of the game and their journeys from their early years to stardom in the NFL as well as how they changed the game.

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