Wednesday, July 11, 2018

Review of "Tony Consiglio’s Double Cross Collection"

Review of
Tony Consiglio’s Double Cross Collection ISBN 9781329315075

Three out of five stars
 This collection of strips by the same artist over different topics does follow a theme that is often seen in alternative comics, the artist seems to have a generalized dislike for the world they find themselves in. The humor expressed in their comics is often very morbid and in the extreme sense. Consiglio follows that pattern.
 For example, there are several short captions featuring “Dr. Physician Ph. D.” In these captions, the “good” doctor receives a letter from a reader and the response is that the doctor commits an extreme act of self-destruction. Rough humor for sure.
 If you are a fan of dark humor based on extreme events where people get hurt and never have what could be called a good time, then this book will appeal to you. However, if such attempts at humor are not something you enjoy, then you would be better served by passing on this book.

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