Saturday, July 7, 2018

Review of "Mirror of Life, Part 1 & 2," a Magic Movies production

Review of
Mirror of Life, Part 1 & 2, a Magic Movies production

Three out of five stars
 This is a movie made in Nollywood, the word used to describe the Nigerian movie industry. It is set in Nigeria, so it was a bit unusual to see all black characters. Especially at a time when Hollywood is being criticized for a lack of black characters and winners of academy awards. Nneka is a young woman whose younger sister is very ill and has been taken to the local hospital. However, the family must pay the bill before treatment and they do not have the money.
 Desperate to save her sister, Nneka contacts an expensive female escort (prostitute) that she knows. After acquiring some fancy clothes, Nneka goes with her to meet two men looking for a good time. Nneka is not willing to enter a life of prostitution, but it is fortunate that the man she is hooked up with is decent towards her and develops feelings for her. This begins what is essentially a love story, a semi-classic one of a poor, desperate girl meeting a Prince Charming with a wad of cash that he is willing to share.
 The acting is at times good and other times, bad. Especially in the fight scenes between the women, which are very unconvincing. It is an interesting movie to watch, in that the background is unfamiliar to western viewers, a city in Nigeria. I was also amused with the images of the street signs, which advertised many American products. It has generated an interest in me to watch additional Nollywood films.

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