Saturday, July 7, 2018

Review of "Old Stories from Denmark," illustrations by Poul Lundsgaard

Review of
Old Stories from Denmark, illustrations by Poul Lundsgaard

Four out of five stars
 This collection of very short stories does not star a village idiot, the main characters are a village of idiots, all of which are men. The name of the village is Mols and the men do very foolish things in trying to accomplish important tasks. For example, when there is the threat of an invading army, they want to save their most prized possession, their church bell. They decide that the best way to hide it is to drop it in the water and to mark the spot, they cut a notch in their boat precisely where they dropped it over the side.
 Their actions are incredibly ignorant and demonstrate a complete lack of sense and understanding of how the world works. That is what makes them amusing, for their lack of intelligence is so exaggerated that it is humorous.  
 The only flaw in the book is that some of the stories are repeated. I do not know if this is deliberate, but it did seem fitting for a book containing stories about people that cannot do anything right.

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