Saturday, July 21, 2018

Review of "Hamlet 2," DVD

Review of
Hamlet 2, DVD

Three out of five stars
 There were several times during my viewing of this movie when I was very close to simply giving it up as a lost cause. The main character is named Dana Marschz and he teaches drama at a high school. Everything goes wrong in his life, so much so that it is repetitive, boring and min-numbing. Drama has such a low priority at the school that the class meets in the cafeteria when the cooks are preparing the food for lunch. Furthermore, with the exception of two overly enthusiastic students, the class is totally lacking in interest. Finally, Marschz is told that the drama program is going to be cancelled at the end of the term.
 In an attempt to generate a spark of enthusiasm, Marschz writes a sequel to Hamlet that involves Jesus Christ and a time machine. The viewer is exposed to very little about the play as the emphasis is on the obstacles and the constant failures of Marschz. The students call in assistance from their friends and relatives for the use of a warehouse where the play can be performed when the school administration refuses permission for it to be given at the school.
 Much of this boring nonsense is overcome when the play is performed, it is a very dynamic musical with superb backdrop special effects. It is very entertaining, although it is necessary for the viewer to know the plot of “Hamlet” in order to fully understand many of the references
 In conclusion, bad and boring story, great play!

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