Monday, July 16, 2018

Review of "Star Trek The Next Generation Starfleet Academy Worf’s First Adventure," by Peter David

Review of
Star Trek The Next Generation Starfleet Academy Worf’s First Adventure, by Peter David ISBN 067187084X

Five out of five stars
 As the title implies, this book is a description of the experiences of Worf when he was a raw cadet. The first Klingon ever accepted to Starfleet Academy, the fact that he grew up on Earth after being adopted by a human couple made a bit of difference. Despite being fully Klingon, Worf had experienced a great deal of Earth culture as well as the bias that humans have for Klingons.
 His human brother Simon has also been accepted to Starfleet Academy, so the two of them travel together to begin their first adventure under the Starfleet umbrella. As expected, Worf has difficulty in getting along with others, not all of which is his fault. He encounters a member of the Brikar species, one that is even more biased against Klingons than humans are. After the two engage in a furious fight, they are assigned as roommates, which does nothing to mitigate the mutual hostility. Yet, as expected, there is a crisis and it is necessary for the cadets to quickly establish a working rapport that will allow them to deal with a life-threatening situation.
 This is a good adventure, it is entertaining and consistent with the Worf character in the sense that he is gruff, difficult, yet determined to succeed. There is also no quit in him, a characteristic needed as he emerges as a leader through the difficulty. The climactic scene is intense and worthy of an element of the Star Trek novel universe.

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