Saturday, July 28, 2018

Review of "Crime Campaign," by Paul Kupperberg

Review of
Crime Campaign, by Paul Kupperberg ISBN 0671820907

Four out of five stars
 This book is a pure novel in the sense that there are few illustrations, and then only small ones at the start of the chapters. Therefore, the action is all textually described, given the quality of the artwork found in the Marvel Comics group managed by Stan Lee, this is a difficult task.
 This story has the powerful Kingpin as the villain, a man that is large and powerful, but does not have any super technology or powers at his disposal. Therefore, when his rage is described in the text, the reader must provide any associated imagery. Readers familiar with this particular villain may be able to satisfy that deficiency, but others will miss one of the strongest features of Marvel stories.
 This is a good story about Spidey and some of his difficulties in dealing with life when he is not in uniform and on the prowl. However, the lack of the usual high-quality imagery is a hurdle that is not quite overcome.

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