Monday, July 23, 2018

Review of "Eddie Murphy Delirious" DVD

Review of
Eddie Murphy Delirious DVD

Three out of five stars
 In his time on Saturday Night Live and in many movies that he starred in after this video was made, Eddie Murphy demonstrated that he did not have to curse in order to be funny. He has a very distinctive laugh, is capable of producing many different facial expressions and has a keen sense of comedic timing and intonation.
 However, from this video, it would appear that at that point in his career, Murphy thought that the only way he could generate significant yucks is by using the hardest swear words a lot. Which is unfortunate, for a few of the jokes that he delivers are very funny. I found the endless repetition of curse words to be dull after a while. Murphy can be so funny and for a very broad audience, in this case it only works for a specific type of person.

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