Saturday, July 7, 2018

Review of "Creative Force Galapagos," by Daniel Fitter Angermeyer

Review of
Creative Force Galapagos, by Daniel Fitter Angermeyer 

Five out of five stars
 In the history of science, the Galapagos Islands occupy one of the most prominent places. For it was on those islands that Charles Darwin noted the differences in size and structure of the beaks of finches, each of which was an adaptation to consuming a different type of primary food. These observations were the primary data source for his theory of natural selection.
 However, the finches are but one of the extraordinary life forms in the Galapagos ecosystem. This book is a collection of photos of that diversity, taken by a native to the islands. It is a book that all people fond of nature can love, even if they do not fully understand the theory that was conceived there. The diversity and beauty of the wildlife is truly awesome. The text is in both English and Spanish.

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