Saturday, July 28, 2018

Review of "The Walking Dead Volume 29: Lines We Cross," by Robert Kirkman et. al.

Review of
The Walking Dead Volume 29: Lines We Cross, by Robert Kirkman et. al. ISBN 9781534304970

Four out of five stars
 The battle with the massive herd of the undead is over, with “victory” for the Rick Grimes group. However, that was achieved at great cost and now it is time to repair the damage as best they can. Rick sends out a very long-range scouting mission and they encounter a very colorful character in both personality and dress. There is a continuing tension between Negan, Rick and some of the other members of Rick’s group.
 Twenty-nine volumes into the story and it is now taking on many of the characteristics of a soap opera. There seems to be a never-ending stream of the undead as well as a continuing sequence of drama and tension between the living. All have been through a great deal and lost loved ones, they should be reaching the point where they have concluded that what they have is not a zero-sum game and that cooperation is the only way to rebuild a stable civilization. If all remaining “humans” were to drop their self-serving personas and work together for the common good, then the metastatic cancer known as the undead will be pushed aside and eliminated. That obvious reality seems lost on some of those fortunate enough to still be alive, and that is starting to wear on this reader.

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