Wednesday, August 1, 2018

Review of "X-Men Exogenous," by Marc Guggenheim et. al.

Review of
X-Men Exogenous, by Marc Guggenheim et. al. ISBN 9780785192336

Five out of five stars
 The overall name of the group is a serious misnomer in this adventure, for all of the members of this action team from the overall group known as the X-Men are female. As a story, it is a bit disjoined and hard to follow, especially if you are unfamiliar with the context established in earlier episodes regarding this group of heroes.
 However, the writing is excellent, the dialog of the characters is very feminine, yet within the bounds of Marvel action heroes. This is in keeping with the legacy of Stan Lee, where the textual aspects of the adventures were often the strongest points in the story. There is sarcasm aplenty as these women have to get along with each other, fight powerful villains that are male, female and animal and sometimes suppress emotions that would be self-defeating if allowed to bubble to the surface. While the story wanders a bit and, in some respects, goes on a little too long, it is well within the bounds of the Marvel tradition of sassy characters that get the job done of fighting and defeating the evil they encounter.

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