Thursday, August 30, 2018

Review of "Planet of Dinosaurs" Rifftrax version DVD

Review of
Planet of Dinosaurs Rifftrax version DVD

Two out of five stars
 Up front, this is a very bad science fiction movie. The marooned premise is old and very poorly carried out and the acting and special effects are at their best mediocre. It opens with a spaceship suffering a catastrophic failure and a few of the crew manage to get into a survival pod before it explodes. They crash land on a conveniently Earth-like planet and manage to swim to shore before their ship sinks under the water.
 There are of course dinosaurs on the planet and they must find shelter, food and some way to fight the much larger carnivorous lizards. The cast contains the shirtless hunk guy with significant muscles and the attractive woman in a very short skirt that conveniently rises up her legs in critical moments. It is a hard movie to watch to the end, at times even the actors appear to be bored with what they are doing.
 This disc contains two versions of the movie, the second contains a running commentary by Michael J. Nelson. The case claims that they are hilarious, but for me, they were anything but extremely annoying. I simply could not watch the Rifftrax version for more than a few minutes before I had to quit. While I know that there are people that will enjoy hearing a running commentary on a very bad movie, I am not one of them. This fact is the only reason that I gave this two rather than one star.

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