Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Review of "All New X-Men," by Brian Michael Bendis et. al.

Review of
All New X-Men, by Brian Michael Bendis et. al. ISBN 9780785189695

Five out of five stars
 The major plot device of this book is that the original X-Men are transported forward in time and across dimensions. They retain their memories and interact with their counterparts, some of which are themselves. The transport mechanism is a mutant that has just been identified and her powers are emerging. As yet somewhat uncontrolled, she sends them off to their destinations. Once in their new surroundings, the old X-Men find their adaptive skills tested. One of them finds themselves in an alternative Latveria, dining with Dr. Doom.
 The dialog in this graphic novel is superb, the superpowered creatures banter back and forth using snappy and entertaining wording that sounds like teens talking. The artists toned down the coloring, often using different shades of the same color in several consecutive captions. This is a graphic novel that will appeal to the latest generation of comic book fans that are about to or have just entered adolescence.

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