Sunday, August 12, 2018

Review of "The Girl Next Door," DVD

Review of
The Girl Next Door, DVD

Five out of five stars
 This movie is many things, none of which is an accurate or complete description. First and foremost, it is partially a classic love story, where a man sees an attractive woman and falls very heavily for her. She becomes his whole life and passion. What is different about this version is that the man is still in high school while the woman is an actress in adult films. In the second place, it is a film about the fantasies of males in their late teens with raging hormones. Thirdly, it features a small group of studious males trying to function among the other wild students that find them easy targets for ridicule. Finally, it is a story that involves a complicated scam, where the male lead must dig himself out of a deep jam with the help of his best friends.
 Matthew Kidman is a senior in high school and is an overachiever, with his two friends he forms a small group of nerds. He has been accepted to Georgetown University and is a finalist for a prestigious scholarship. He has also raised the money for a boy genius in Cambodia to travel to the United States for his education. Matthew has never walked or even tip-toed over to the wild side.
 All this changes after he meets the woman that moves in next door. She is young, beautiful, unconventional and exciting, female qualities that he has never encountered. He falls for her and when he pursues her, everything about his life begins to unwind. He runs afoul of the rough side of the adult film industry and must find a way to repair all of the problems he is now facing.
 The solution is very unconventional and keeps the viewer guessing until the very end. From a deep valley of despair, Michael and his friends find a way to achieve an incredible success. It is the most interesting movie about the fantasies of teen males and older women that I have ever seen.

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