Thursday, August 2, 2018

Review of "Encyclopedia of Presidents: Franklin Pierce," by Charnan Simon

Review of
Encyclopedia of Presidents: Franklin Pierce, by Charnan Simon ISBN 0516013572

Five out of five stars
 Franklin Pierce is one of the men that was President of the United States in the two decades before the outbreak of the American Civil War and a man that is largely ignored in the study of history in school. Yet, it can be argued that it was during his presidency (1853 – 1857) that the last clear chance to avoid the Civil War presented itself. From the northern state of New Hampshire, Pierce never questioned the existence of slavery, he always stated that it was a constitutional fact.
 Pierce was a President that strongly believed in states’ rights and the weakest possible federal government. It is at least possible that if he had exerted more federal power, he could have managed to placate both sides just enough to avoid the conflagration.
 This book is written at the level of the late elementary or middle school student and is an excellent, albeit brief description of the life of Franklin Pierce. There are many illustrations, some of which are editorial cartoons, a well-balanced collection of text and images. It is an excellent addition to K-12 libraries.

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