Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Review of "The Casino Job," DVD

Review of
The Casino Job, DVD

Three out of five stars
 This movie is basically a story of a big con carried out against the owner of a casino in Las Vegas. This iteration features rather nondescript acting and a good deal of female nudity. When it is frontal above the waist or from the back, the camera is close, but when it is below the waist at the front, the camera position is always distant. There are some associated sex scenes with a great deal of the false moaning and exaggerated movements worthy of a hardcore movie. Some of them involve people of the same gender.
 The dialog is pretty weak in structure, often very predictable and unimaginative. Up until the end there are few surprises and the actual con is beyond belief. The best con movies are those where the viewer can really believe that such a thing could be done. However, there a couple of thoroughly unforeseen plot twists at the end that enlivened the movie.
 This is the type of movie that a group of guys will get together to watch so that they can ogle the women and act snarky at how bad the acting and plotting is. In that sense the producers did in fact make the movie they no doubt set out to make.

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