Thursday, August 2, 2018

Review of "Beer Is Better Than Women Because . . ." by the Cucumber Group

Review of
Beer Is Better Than Women Because . . .  by the Cucumber Group ISBN 0880321954

Four out of five stars
 The jokes in this book are all a combination of a cartoon accompanied by a short segment of text. Many of the jokes are based on sexism and/or a cliché about the behavior of women. Some are not and are quite good. One of my favorites has a cartoon of a very sweaty woman that is clearly odiferous, and the caption is “A beer tastes good after 3 hours of tennis.”  Another good one has a man overloaded with packages and trailing a woman. The caption is, “You never have to take your beer shopping.”
 If you are willing to tolerate a bit of sexism and can laugh at somewhat incongruous situations, this is a book that will amuse you. Like all collections of such jokes, some are dumb, and others are based on a bit of truth in the relationships between males and females.

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