Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Review of "Leonardo Da Vinci: Art For Children," by Ernest Raboff

Review of
Leonardo Da Vinci: Art For Children, by Ernest Raboff ISBN 0064460762

Five out of five stars
 While the title states that this book is specifically for children, it is worthy of examination by people interested in art of all ages. The author presents seven of Leonardo’s works with critical examinations of the structure of the painting, the relational geometry of the various sections as well as the value of the specific detail of various components. They are:

*) The Lady With the Ermine
*) Mona Lisa
*) St. Anne, the Virgin and the Infant Christ With a Lamb
*) Portrait of a Musician
*) Female Portrait
*) Portrait of a Young Woman
*) The Annunciation

This book is a brief and effective lesson in putting together a complete painting so that all the different sub-images complement and reinforce each other.
 Da Vinci was an incredible individual, perhaps the most talented and accomplished person that ever lived. Although it is short, this book gives the reader a solid background in just how good he was as a painter.

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