Sunday, August 5, 2018

Review of "Barb Wire," starring Pamela Anderson Lee DVD

Review of
Barb Wire, starring Pamela Anderson Lee DVD

Three out of five stars
 At one level, this is just another action thriller with a super-soldier type as the main character. There are one-on-one fights as well as the character versus a small army. What is different is that this main character is played by Pamela Anderson Lee, (Barb Wire) at one time the most famous sexpot in the video world. While Pamela does show some significant skin on occasion, most of her action is kicking, shooting and doing all the regular action hero stuff.
 The difficulty is not with Pamela’s acting per se, although it is not the best. The villains are pseudo-Nazi types, representing a U.S. government that is now fascist and cares very little for the lives and welfare of the citizens. Barb runs a bar in what is one of the last enclaves of semi-freedom in the United States and there is a small resistance group. The main act of resistance is the attempt to smuggle a female scientist across the border to Canada, so she can tell the world that the government released an HIV derivative plague into a city as an experiment.
 The government troops are ruthless, and Barb does not want to get involved, but when they destroy her bar, Barb takes sides and expresses her Rambo-like traits. The actors of the government troops just do not play their roles very well and the big battle at the end is typical of the one or two people killing off all the opposition scenario and is not well choreographed. The best way to describe the acting is that it is “stiff.” The same word can be used to describe the dialog.

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