Sunday, January 29, 2017

Review of "When Two Get Up," by Tor Age Bringsvaerd

Review of
When Two Get Up, by Tor Age Bringsvaerd ISBN 9780981576145

Five out of five stars
 This book is very interesting in the modern sense because the main characters are a young girl and her dad. He gets her out of bed and they get going, waving goodbye to the mother as she goes off to work. The last caption has the father taking the girl to school on his bicycle.
 The path from the start to their destination has a series of “When two **** get up .... they . . . ” scenarios where the stars are replaced by things like birds, elephants, pillows, dragons and bananas. They will amuse the target audience, which is children just learning to read. The images are colorful but not in the loud sense and they are somewhat minimal in that the background is generally white with little else. This is something that I favor in books for young children as it gives them a small number of focal points.
 When my daughter was very young, I filled the role depicted in this book, which admittedly biases my opinion of it. While it was difficult to manage a career and a daughter, in retrospect they were the best of times, no question.

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