Thursday, January 5, 2017

Review of "The Walking Dead, Volume 11: Fear the Hunters," by Robert Kirkman et. al.

Review of
The Walking Dead, Volume 11: Fear the Hunters, by Robert Kirkman et. al. ISBN 9781607061816

Five out of five stars
 This story continues the saga of Rick’s band of the living as they move through the country looking for food and safe havens. The zombie threat seems to have abated somewhat, yet threats remain, specifically from other small bands of the living. In this case, they encounter a male preacher that has managed to survive alone by locking the doors of the church and eating the food that was stockpiled there. He has left his place of refuge because his food has run out and he is looking for a viable plan B. While the preacher has survived, his actions were not those of a genuine man of the cloth.
 There is another group of the living that has reached the point of last resort to avert starvation, now that their food supply is gone. Fundamentally, it comes down to one group against another, the confrontation is ripe with moral ambiguity. This once again illustrates the best feature of this series of graphic novels, how the living try to cope with their circumstances and how far will they descend into barbarism in order for their group to survive.
 There is also some internal attrition in the group as the lengthy period of great stress once again causes friction. All humans have a cracking point, the issues are where it is reached as well as what they do when it happens.
 This is a great graphic novel, while it occasionally shows humans at their best, it also demonstrates that survival in a barbaric situation requires the committing of otherwise horrific deeds.

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