Friday, January 27, 2017

Review of "Indiana Jones: The Further Adventures, Volume 1," by Dennis O’Neil

Review of
Indiana Jones: The Further Adventures, Volume 1, by Dennis O’Neil, ISBN 9781595822468

Five out of five stars
 The opening story is a rendition of “Raiders of the Lost Ark,” purists will note the poetic license taken by the creators. It is abbreviated, altered and some of the best lines are transplanted from one scene to another. Yet, it maintains the original tale of the great adventurer, Indiana Jones.
 The remaining stories have Indie, often with Marion Ravenwood as a sidekick, engaged in dramatic adventures where he is routinely in grave danger, only to be saved by happenstance or his great skill in finding a way out of trouble. Indie’s travels take him all around the world as he searches for the greatest of archeological artefacts and takes on a wide range of adversaries. From the now traditional Nazis to lost civilizations to mercenary collectors and sometimes just basic street thugs, Indie is shooting, whipping and punching his way from one danger to the next.
 In the stories, his female sidekicks prove to be very capable at fighting and otherwise surviving, several times pulling Indie out of what appeared to be a hopeless situation. These stories are in the spirit of the Indiana Jones adventures, a bit of the occult interspersed with the myths surrounding some of the most significant missing artefacts of the ancient world.

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