Saturday, January 28, 2017

Review of "Flatland: The Story of Owuza Flatlander," by David Sayre and Rebecca Emberley

Review of
Flatland: The Story of Owuza Flatlander, by David Sayre and Rebecca Emberley, ISBN 9780991293506

Three out of five stars
 This is a story about the new kid in town, in this case the kid is Owuza and the town in Flatland. When Owuza arrived, he was nothing but a speck and he had to grow, both in size as well as in learning and understanding the new sights, smells and sounds he is experiencing.  While it was exciting, it was also scary, for new things are generally both.
 Once Owuza found the courage to roam he discovered many new friends and they had a lot of fun together. Eventually, Owuza started wondering what was beyond the bounds of Flatland and with his friends, they together learn what they can accomplish together.
 The weakness in this book is the abstract events towards the end of the book, where the interpretation is more complex than the capability of the young reader that is the target audience. Some of the critical sentences are:
“Together they saw what they couldn’t see apart. There was more to themselves and more to each other.”
Given that the text is written at the level of the early elementary school child, these concepts will generally be beyond them.

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