Saturday, January 21, 2017

Review of "Star Wars Tales: Volume 2," by various writers and authors

Review of
Star Wars Tales: Volume 2, by various writers and authors ISBN 9781569717578

Four out of five stars
 The stories in this graphic novel collection cover many temporal and physical locations in the Star Wars universe. Furthermore, some of the stories are designed to be humorous, sometimes at the level of parody. Different artists have drawn the stories using wildly different styles, some far better and more realistic than others. The renditions are so different that it is a bit unnerving as you move from story to story.
 Many of the stories feature minor characters from the main storyline and others introduce new characters. That feature is interesting as they tend to be of different species, which is always a point that I find interesting. Stories about traveling the galaxy should involve aliens that are truly alien rather than slightly modified humans. Bounty hunter Bobba Fett is featured in the best story, in it we learn a little bit about his background and his personality beyond the cold-blooded mercenary.
 This is a collection of stories in the Star Wars universe where it is likely that the reader’s reaction will vary widely from story to story. There were some that I really liked while others that were attempts to be humorous but in my opinion fell flat.

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