Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Review of "Star Wars Tag & Bink" by Kevin Rubio and Lucas Marangon

Review of
Star Wars Tag & Bink by Kevin Rubio and Lucas Marangon ISBN 9781593076412

Five out of five stars
 This is a parody of the entire Star Wars series of movies that had appeared up to the time of publication in 2006. Tag and Bink are two bumblers that through incompetence, luck and occasionally the actions of others end up in many of the major scenes in the movies. It opens with them being two of the soldiers defending Princess Leia in the opening scene of her capture in episode IV.
 Their adventures take them forward and back within the Star Wars storyline, including a review of their childhood as potential Jedi knights. They bumble along, carrying on a dialog of constant criticism of each other, no matter where they are. The dialog is snappy, humorous and at an intellectual level one would expect in a parody.
 Through it all there are visual and textual references to pop culture, including a statue of Mark’s Big Boy inside the Death Star. At one point they also do battle with bounty hunter Bobba Fett. If you like lowbrow parody on a par with “Mad Magazine” then you will love this graphic novel.

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