Friday, January 13, 2017

Review of "State Birds Stickers and Seals," by Annika Bernhard

Review of
State Birds Stickers and Seals, by Annika Bernhard ISBN 0486282791

Five out of five stars
 This book combines the natural love that children have for stickers with the need to educate them about features of the world that are not always emphasized. Each of the fifty states of the United States has an official bird, something that is not widely known. Colorful stickers of all fifty birds are included in this book, giving the child the opportunity to play and learn.
 This is a nice educational gift for a child, the stickers are sequentially numbered and there is a guide that identifies the birds by state on the inside of the back cover. If you are looking for a combination of fun and education for a child, this book is an inexpensive, effective gift.

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