Friday, January 27, 2017

Review of "I Hate: The Art of Todd Bratrud"

Review of
I Hate: The Art of Todd Bratrud ISBN 9781935613220

Four out of five stars
 While conservatives often contend the point, it is the role of art and artists in society to stretch and exceed the bounds of what is accepted as art or even tolerated, even to the point of being offensive or disgusting. The art in this collection ranges from things as mundane as pictures of sneakers to gross depictions of self-mutilation.
There are several images of hands with severed fingers and extensive blood loss, some toilet humor and a baby satyr nibbling on a severed human forearm and hand. My favorite images were those of the buxom green lizard women. Even with their off-color and long snake-like tales, the artist manages to make them quite attractive. I had no idea that a reptile could be that sultry.  
 It is a given that collections of art by young, modern artists should both attract and repel. This one satisfies that expectation.

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