Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Review of "Star Wars Volume One: In the Shadow of Yavin," by Brian Wood and Carlos D’Anda

Review of
Star Wars Volume One: In the Shadow of Yavin, by Brian Wood and Carlos D’Anda ISBN 9781616551704

Five out of five stars
 The timeframe of this graphic novel is after the destruction of the first Death Star and before the events in episode V, “The Empire Strikes Back.” They are also after Vader learns the name of the pilot that fired the shots that destroyed the Death Star. Despite their tremendous victory against the planet killer, the forces of the Rebellion are in flight. Much like the Sioux after their victory over Custer at the Little Big Horn.
 The first priority of the Rebellion is to survive and to do that they need to find a safe and secure base from which they can regroup and reorganize. Yet, every time they send a scouting probe to what looks like a potential remote base, Imperial forces immediately appear. Leading to the conclusion that there is a spy within the leadership of the Rebellion. Han Solo and Chewie are dispatched with significant funds to make contact with an arms merchant in order to acquire equipment badly needed by the Rebellion.
 As the Rebellion is active in trying to preserve their existence, the forces of the Empire are also working to prepare for the destruction of Rebellion. This effort is led by Darth Vader, who is at the moment somewhat out of favor with the Emperor.
 With danger lurking at every turn and almost no one above suspicion as the Imperial spy, this story is very good and also the most plausible scenario after the destruction of the Death Star. Down through human history, rebel forces are often at their weakest immediately after a great victory against a more powerful enemy, having expended so much of their limited resources in achieving that victory.

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