Saturday, January 7, 2017

Review of Instaread Summary, Analysis & Review of Susan David’s "Emotional Agility"

Review of
Instaread Summary, Analysis & Review of Susan David’s Emotional Agility

Four out of five stars
 As a science fiction and Star Trek megafan, the reading of this summary brought to mind the original series episode “The Enemy Within.” In that episode, Captain Kirk is physically split into two personalities, the good side and the animalistic bad side. Later in the episode, Mr. Spock comments that they have empirical evidence that it is the animalistic, ruthless side of Captain Kirk that makes him the successful captain of a star ship.
That message is made very clear in the first sentence of key takeaway two.
“Even negative emotions like fear and anger contain important messages and serve a function.”
 The title of key takeaway four is another statement of support for this premise.
“Being overly optimistic or positive can be counterproductive to thriving in life.”
Therefore, unrealistic positions of positive thinking can be more dangerous than having the occasional negative thought.
 It is this balance that makes the book valuable, superior to those that try to convince you that being positive 24/7 is the way to be successful in life. This summary is a refreshing statement of how one can best survive and thrive in a challenging world. Channel both positive and negative emotions in the proper manner, never letting either type control your life. In the dance through life, you lead and do not let the emotion lead you.

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