Thursday, October 22, 2020

Review of "The Very Lonely Firefly," by Eric Carle

 Review of

The Very Lonely Firefly, by Eric Carle ISBN 0399227741

Five out of five stars

Delightful tale about ending loneliness

 Eric Carle is a great author in creating stories that gently take the reader down a path to solving a fundamental problem of life. He uses well-known creatures and what they do in their lives to generate a lesson about persistence.

 A firefly is born, and it immediately begins searching for companions. It sees many different lights and flies to them looking for friends. However, the first several tries are false hopes as the light was not that of fellow fireflies. Undaunted, the firefly keeps trying until it encounters a flock of fireflies and it is no longer lonely.

 Fireflies, or what we know in Iowa as “lightning bugs,” are a captivating creature. When they are at their peak in the summer it is a joy to sit and watch them flashing by the hundreds. With the natural attraction that they have for children, this is a book that will interest them. It also contains a simple lesson about dealing with and solving the problem of loneliness.

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