Monday, October 26, 2020

Review of "Batgirl Birds of Prey Rebirth 1," comic

 Review of

Batgirl Birds of Prey Rebirth 1, comic

Five out of five stars

A team reunited out of necessity

Batgirl is back in action, thwarting what appears to be a gang of routine criminal toughs in action. However, she is more interested in learning who their controller is, as it is obvious to her that these are routine thugs that need direction. She is shocked to learn that their controller goes by the name Oracle.

 That was the code word she used after she was shot and paralyzed by the Joker. When it is clear that the name of the controller is no coincidence or accident, Batgirl looks up Black Canary, her former partner in what once was the team Birds of Prey. Together they go searching for a deadly menace that knows all the facts, even the ones that the newly reformed team does not want exposed.

The action and dialog is fast and snappy, as their initial reluctance to reform the team is quickly dissipated. The background has been established for what will clearly be an interesting series of stories featuring two powerful female heroines.

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