Tuesday, October 27, 2020

Review of "Eternal Warrior Yearbook Volume 1 Number 1," comic

 Review of

Eternal Warrior Yearbook Volume 1 Number 1, comic

Four out of five stars

A little history amidst the death and violence

The eternal warrior is a “man” that is incapable of being killed. The story opens with his leading an Aussie attack against the Turkish positions at Gallipoli in World War I. Despite being hit by many machine gun bullets, he survives to reach the machine gunners and kill them. The action then shifts to New York in 1993 where the same character is in bed with a woman and faces an armed attack. The eternal warrior quickly learns that his antagonist shares many of his characteristics, capable of being horrifically damaged with quick recovery.

 This establishes what is both the strength and weakness of the story. Since the hero seems incapable of being killed, there is never any real danger. The reader always knows that no matter what injuries he suffers, the hero will prevail. Therefore, the only possible way that there can be suspense is if he does battle with a similar creature. Mere humans are no contest.

 One feature that I really like is that since the Eternal Warrior is immortal and of course a warrior, there are flashbacks to battles down through history. This provides a brief history lesson for the reader. There is also one of the best quotes about war ever stated. It is by Titus Livius and it is, “War is just to those whom war is necessary.”

 Despite the limitations of the almost indestructible super soldier, this is an engaging story, for the Eternal Warrior is depicted as a thinking, feeling creature rather than a simple killing machine.

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